Życie Podkarpackie nr 29/2018 Życie Podkarpackie nr 29/2018

Życie Podkarpackie - informacje z regionu Przemyśla, Jarosławia, Lubaczowa, Przeworska

Życie.pl, nr 203/2018, Niedziela 22 lipca 2018 r., Magdaleny i Bolesława
Mobilne Muzeum Emigracji odwiedziło Przemyśl
W ubiegły weekend na placu Dominikańskim stanęła mała przyczepa kempingowa, w której znajduje się nietypowe muzeum.
fot. Jacek Szwic
Na dwa dni zatrzymało się w Przemyślu Mobilne Muzeum Emigracji.
– Dwa lata temu w naszym towarzystwie założyliśmy Mobilne Muzeum Emigracji – opowiada Szczepan Żurek z Towarzystwa Krajoznawczego „Krajobraz”, które działa w Warszawie.

– Interesowało nas to, co działo się w Polsce po wojnie w związku ze zmianą granic. Migracja ludności, tworzenie nowych (...)
fot. Jacek Szwic
Szczepan Żurek
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alka 14.09.2017

Sposób ciekawy, podobnie jak drezynka podążająca do Ukrainy zastępująca normalny cywilizowany środektransportu  i dostęp do świata bożego.

Solomon Daniel
Solomon Daniel 28.03.2018

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ssa 13.06.2018

I needed to know what became of David. I needed to find him. So, in stubborn, precocious, resolute fashion (typical of me then and now), I managed to get my pre-teen hands on a New York City phone book (or maybe several, I no longer recall). I did not tell my dad or my grandmother. Nor did I tell anyone when I wrote letters to all the "David Rauchers" that appeared in the phonebook. I waited. Don ~ 

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Gordon 13.06.2018

David arrived in a psychedelic-painted, old school bus. He was re-married to a woman 30 years his junior. He had his wife and three small children with him, only one of which was his biologically. The children ranged in age from 5 to about 11. I remember being both confused and amused that my father now had a half-brother and two half-sisters almost 30 years his junior, and I had an uncle and two aunts considerably younger than me! Gordon ~ https://www.glazingwindowsglasgow.co.uk

Betty 13.06.2018

David arranged to rent a house near us for an extended visit. I remember going over there several times in the next few months to visit. It was all very emotional for my dad and his sister. David said he had tried many times to get in contact with his children after the divorce, but had been prevented from seeing them. He said he had also traveled to California several times and written letters, all of which went unanswered. He did not know what to think.

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Rick 13.06.2018

David brought with him photos none of us had ever seen—photos of David working in his studio in the Village; photos of David with his children—my dad and his sister—at his side; photos of them all laughing. David also brought a bust that he had sculpted of my dad as a child, before the family had disintegrated. He gifted this (and other pieces) to my dad. To my dad's sister, David presented a foot-high sculpture he had made of my dad and his sister as young children, walking hand in hand. After all these years, and despite no word from his son and daughter, David had still treasured these pieces; pieces that he had fashioned by his own hands, from memories when they had been a family.

Steven 13.06.2018

Over the intervening years, I grew, schooled, married, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, divorced, re-married, worked a career in law. Throughout, but at varying degrees, I continued to feed my lust for family history and tales, mining elderly family members, grandparents, and forgotten photo albums. Most of my efforts, I admit, concentrated on the other sides of my family (Rohatyn in Galicia, Mogilev-Podolsky in today's Ukraine, and Soroka in Bessarbia). I made tremendous and exciting progress with several of these families, particularly in the last two years as more and more records went online, many from countries like Poland and Ukraine, and I got involved with groups like JewishGen and Gesher Galicia.

Norris 13.06.2018

But, I still knew virtually nothing about the Raucher side and could not seem to move forward. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, I had never thought to ask David about his parents and grandparents when he had been alive. Fortunately, I had somewhat obliquely questioned my grandmother (David's ex) before her death in 2004, as well as her younger sister who had known David because she had lived with the Raucher family in the Village before the 1942 divorce. I still had their letters and notes. I hit the online records for New York City, Ellis Island, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, and other sites on the internet. I obtained passenger lists, ordered records from AGAD (Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych—the Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw), and obtained New York birth and marriage records. At last "Przemysl" in Galicia, appeared as the "home" in the Old World from whence came my Raucher (now, also Rauscher) family!

Carlos 13.06.2018

At last armed with some concrete dates, names, and places, I made some online inquiries and joined an informal, newly-formed Przemysl research group. I spoke with others with Przemysl connections. I was contacted through JewishGen's Family Finder by someone also researching the Raucher family: we learned that his family came off a sibling line to Marcus Osias. I shared information on Facebook with others seeking Przemysl family. I knew someday I would visit this place, today at the Poland-Ukraine border. After all, my husband and I travel extensively and have been living abroad most of the last decade. Przemysl was relatively close to most of our travels and thus added to the "must-do" list.

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