The logo is the face of the blog. It’s hard to imagine a popular website or social media account without this visual detail. Hello Blogger and Turbologo service talk about the logo kitchen and share a simple recipe for creating them.

What are logos for?

Typically, the logo is added to the header of the site and on the profile picture of accounts on social networks. This graphic element that attracts the attention of the audience, sets the blog apart from other resources and helps to remember it. The logo can also inform about the subject the content source is dedicated to.

In other words, so that the appearance of your online magazine evokes the necessary associations and is recognizable, take seriously the creation of the logo. Otherwise, you may lose potential readers.

What a logo consists of

One of the main elements of the logo is the icon. It can be any graphic symbol that somehow reflects the theme or ideology of the blog. For the logo choose minimalistic icons without unnecessary details. Just because such characters are easy to recognize on both large and small screens.

The icon is often supplemented with a signature: the name of the blog or a short slogan. The presence of such text makes the logo more informative and helps new readers remember the name or catch the key idea of ​​the blog. Therefore, the name and slogan should succinctly and accurately characterize your project. In good logos, the signature harmoniously combines with the icon both visually and in meaning.

Uniquely designed text can replace an icon. Such logos are also found.

What are the options for creating logos

Independently . Of course, you can make a logo with your own hands. But in order not to be laughed at you later, you will have to spend a lot of time and money on study and software. If this suits you, sign up for paid design courses at sites like Netologia or Skillbox. You will learn from practitioners and master the whole profession. And for self-education, free lessons on YouTube are also suitable.

Order from a freelance designer . You can always contact a freelance designer. 50-1000 dollars - and in a few days you will have a finished logo. The artist can be found on exchanges such as FL and Freelansim. But keep in mind that here there are some nuances. So, the designer may misunderstand you and do not what you expect.

Order from a design studio . In this case, you are more likely to get a quality result than when working with a freelancer. Large design studios value reputation and treat customers responsibly. As a rule, such companies employ real professionals. But not every blogger can afford their services: from 1,000 to 50,000 dollars per logo. The more famous the studio, the more expensive.

Using the logo generator . Online services allow you to generate dozens of logos in a few seconds. They do not give the same creative freedom as cooperation with a freelancer or design studio. But thanks to them, you yourself can make a solid logo for little money and just a few minutes. No special skills or programs are needed for this.